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The Meaning of Life?

If it could be that the entirety of the Universe exists to produce life within it, What meaning do most people place on life?, the answer would most definitely need to have great significance. Most would say that the meaning of their existence would be something that brings happiness or alleviates deprivation or despair. There are many things that bring happiness but the most common things would be, making love to a significant other, being in love, laughing with friends and so on…

In society sex sells, it’s one of the most powerful advertising techniques, although we have all done it many times before, the topic of conversation remains racy and exciting, it is one of the most prevalent features within social dynamics across the globe. Lust is a powerful emotion, that can become all encompassing. When romantically alone we may muse over our love object, infatuation will take hold, filling us with doubt and uncertainty, then the eventual end of the story is that we have had sex with another human, being a likely scenario.

So what is the science of attraction?, the simple reason why we have sex is to keep our species alive. When people eat food, we release feel good hormones, as a reward mechanism for survival, if our body did not trigger signals that made us crave food or release serotonin, dopamine and endorphins while eating food, we may simply forget to eat because we never craved food nor did food taste good to eat. Similarly if sex did not feel good or we never felt lust towards someone, would we ever have sex?.

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So why are humans monogamous?,  only 2% of the animal kingdom is monogamous with human beings being a part of that, It is important to note that this definition of monogamy does not preclude sexual promiscuity,  being monogamous isn’t something that we aim to do as a way of being emotionally superior on Earth, it is something that we do as a matter of survival for our species.  Where a polygamous animal will reach it’s mating season have sex once and then some time later produce its offspring. It is not as simple as that for humans, the likelihood of producing offspring from having sex once is very small.  A woman’s egg will typically be released on the 14th day of her 28 day cycle and will live between 12-24 hours, meaning a woman is only fertile between 7-14 days out of the whole year.  For this reason we enter into long mating rituals with a partner of choice to increase our chances of conception, during this pair bonding which will form due to higher levels of vasopressin in humans, human beings will also release vast quantities of the hormone oxytocin during the ritual, which will make us ward off sexual predators.

We enter into this mating ritual for typically between 2 months to 2 years, after conception has occurred we may choose to enter into a new mating ritual with the same person, this mating ritual is better known as the “honeymoon” period of a relationship, where people are releasing a constant stream of feel good hormones, enough to reward the body and mind to remain within the ritual.

So what makes some mating rituals last as little as 2 months or shorter and others last 2 years or longer?, this falls primarily down to the fact of compatibility for offspring, we aim as a species to mate to produce healthy and happy offspring, it may appear at first that we feel compatible with another person but as the mating ritual continues and we get to know the other person better, it becomes more apparent that we do not feel suited  to them, or better said from a more primal perspective we do not feel that they would produce happy children with us due to our differences.


As a whole we are guided by the intentions of nature, have it be consciously or subconsciously, when a Country reaches economic crisis it is no secret that there will undoubtedly be a baby boom to follow, after war we see the same and during the neolithic age in Europe when the climate changed and the Birch tree’s died back, which opened up the land, the population saw an increase by 800% of what it was before, this happens as a way to rebuild the strength of the society or to expand into more inhabitable area’s.  The fragile state of our economy, climate change, cultural suppressions etc can have a direct impact on population growth.

When the crab apple tree grows it will produce small buds across its bark which will send signals across the branches to stop growth, in propagation they will remove these buds and the tree will increase in size by as much as 2/3 what it was before, the tree as part of its defence mechanism will stunt its own growth for protection against disease and bad weather. Similar to the crab apple tree, the human population can become vulnerable if too large, although there are many varying factors that contribute, as a way to decrease the population we may see an increase in homosexuality, for example. The power of the collective subconscious led by natures intent is phenomenal and can in some obscure cases explain the unexplainable, where only 5% of cognitive thought is conscious and the remaining 95% is subconscious brain activity, our subconscious can account for a great deal of human behaviour and desires.


In regards to the meaning of life, it appears that the true primal cause of us falling in love and making love to another person, have it be a nulled physical activity or not, is natures intention for population fluctuation for human survival, which becomes led by the collective subconscious on a whole.

Through history humans have bettered themselves while working as a team, one of many reasons that we outlived the Neanderthals, was due to the fact that they had limited speech function and therefore were unable to communicate as effectively as human tribes did, our strength in numbers has been the greatest vantage point for our survival throughout the ages. We continually find a great happiness and sense of purpose when being around others and creating strong bonds, human beings are pack animals and what comes with this, is the desire for some people to rise above the rest as leaders, while others happily submit to their power, we are a far stretch from the animal kingdom but our primary actions as a whole can be explained when we remember we are only animals. We may believe that an innate sense of curiosity which is intellectual ability to the degree that we question our own existence, sets us apart from the other animals, though intelligence is just an additional strength for our survival, from worrying about the sounds of wildlife while camping, to the fear and questioning about our suns eventual end, even the potential end of the universe and what this really means for humans.

We love most in life what aids our survival and strengthens our community at the core of its purpose, this being our meaning, that we love to live and wish to survive, it may manifest as a passionate night of love-making as a means to keep our species alive through reproduction, two people of the same-sex falling in love as a means to reduce the population as a whole making it less vulnerable, someone rising to power at the head of a business like the alpha male at the top of his pack, a group of old friends laughing while sat around a table strengthening the bonds with their pack, to a person writing a poem about the springtime, hurriedly placing it into the drawer while secretly hoping one day it would be read and therefore connect them with other people.


The meaning of life is that we love all that keeps us alive, in the more direct sense of the term and the more distant.





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  1. “The meaning of life is that we love all that keeps us alive”. Hmmm… I don’t know about that. I believe we are each meant to work out the meaning of life for our self rather than try to prescribe it for all.

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