As a whole we are guided by the intentions of nature, have it be consciously or subconsciously, when a Country reaches economic crisis it is no secret that there will undoubtedly be a baby boom to follow, after war we see the same and during the neolithic age in Europe when the climate changed and the Birch tree’s died back, which opened up the land, the population saw an increase by 800% of what it was before, this happens as a way to rebuild the strength of the society or to expand into more inhabitable area’s.  The fragile state of our economy, climate change, cultural suppressions etc can have a direct impact on population growth.

When the crab apple tree grows it will produce small buds across its bark which will send signals across the branches to stop growth, in propagation they will remove these buds and the tree will increase in size by as much as 2/3 what it was before, the tree as part of its defense mechanism will stunt its own growth for protection against disease and bad weather. Similar to the crab apple tree, the human population can become vulnerable if too large, although there are many varying factors that contribute, as a way to decrease the population we may see an increase in homosexuality, for example. Population fluctuations are directly linked to the economy, with baby booms occurring during economic crisis and population decrease when the economy is steady.  The power of the collective subconscious led by natures intent is phenomenal and can in some obscure cases explain the unexplainable, where only 5% of cognitive thought is conscious and the remaining 95% is subconscious brain activity, our subconscious can account for a great deal of human behaviour and desires.


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