This is a blunt, simplistic not very “wordy” poem about severe dementia. I have worked with people with severe dementia that have become bed bound for quite some time.


Incoherent desire to converse,

The short awaited hearse,

Former ballerina, typist, accountant,

Now incontinent,

Memories shattered, present blurred to obscurity,

Remnants of a graceful past pushes families to scrutiny,

And lay you wait in old age’s wicked game,

Bed sores and body lame,

Hoisted from your bed bound state,

You will only worsen its too late,

Rarely see beyond the room,

Dinner fed from a spoon,

Then pass away to infection, pneumonia,

And old friends never visited to see how you are.


7 thoughts on “Dementia

  1. Well written…u should read โ€œIdahoโ€, if u worked and know about Dementia, itโ€™s a really cool fiction book. A bit of crime…but not much. Mostly lyrical and feelings

      1. U can check review on my blog (if u write Idaho book review in search) or u can check in goodreads or google. A man there had a strange kind of dementia. Not sure if strange or no, but as u know more about it maybe it will be interesting for u to read ๐Ÿ™‚ I enjoyed it, and some other ppl too (on WP), as far as I know.

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