I would love to know, how do you write poetry and find inspiration?

I have always wrote at the most unexpected times, a moment of introspection seizes me upon my day, a few lines of formulated words and an idea, transpires in the inner workings of my subconscious and pops into the front of my head unannounced. I have constructed all of my poetry this way, jotting it down on scrap pieces of paper, receipts, the back of envelopes, whatever may be hand at the time. For if I didn’t it would be like a dream I remembered in the morning that simply slipped from my mind, before I had the opportunity to write it down.

I had always envisioned as a child that a writer would sit masterfully at their desk, something I wish I could aspire to some day. I can never know when I may write again. Or whether editing my first draft from its raw form will “butcher” it by being overworked.

Please comment below, How do you write?, what inspires you?


8 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Its nice to know… how you go about writing..
    I sail in the same way too… I write as and when my thoughts propel, else I have general tendency to forget, blame it either on my memory, or my lovely kids, who steal my attention.
    But , yes, thanks to technology,, I scribble immediately my hands are free.. in my mobile.. till then, I cache my words.

  2. I just listen to that inner voice. There are times that what I write does not make any sense to me, but one part of me pushes me to write it. In a sense, I only write what needs to come out. When it comes to inspiration, I guess my experiences in these maze we call life is more than enough for now.

  3. I get inspiration from things that happen in my life or from things i watch on TV….or maybe when I’m listening to music,i just imagine things and begin to write….all the stories on my blog are not written anywhere. I just stay and type them that’s all😂😂.

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