I had been largely unaware of this genre of poetry until recently, I will admit that over the years I have been stuck in the 5th -13th Century with British bardic poetry, I have made more of a concerted effort of late to reconnect with modern contemporary poetry and thus along my path I discovered intsapoetry, I have always held the belief that most poets merely lived within the shadow of the greater giants, including myself. That poetry wasn’t something that all people connected with, poetry from my perspective has a strong use of imagery and symbolism, the wordsmiths greatest genius. The most highly literate and articulate characters in life have written breathtaking poetry.

Instapoetry is simplistic and short, with some “punchy” lines here and there from what I have read. It is predominantly about love and self love, if you wish to be introspective you must accept that the world around you makes you so. Instapoetry is a far stretch from my idea of what poetry is, the appeal from my understanding is that it is easily accessible and easy for most people to read. Without stereotyping, most people with instagram accounts are within a certain age group, young, whereas they will be going through similar struggles. Statistically you will marry the 4th person that you have a serious relationship with on average, with 96% of all relationships ending within the first 3 years. Two thirds of girls between the age of 18-23 claim to suffer with some sort of depression or anxiety,  instapoetry encourages people to feel good about themselves and reminds them that they are not the only people feeling rejected in love. Of the coming age of of being a young adult you are plagued with uncertainty about ones self. This makes instapoetry highly relatable.

Saying that, to those with some experience reading/writing literature or poetry which has depth and is highly imaginative and intelligent, they would feel that instapoetry is dull and predictable.


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