A preference to tranquility

A preference to tranquillity,

Found through lonely steps,

From the chosen solitude,

Where thoughts of beauty can flow in the near silence,

A postcard of a back drop its always picturesque.

A thousand faces that made blissful memories,

Words that danced laughter that echoed,

Looking for the one that will never go,

The one that will look after my soul.

Wanting penetrating questions,

With brightly coloured answers,

To only find,

In the darkness of the mind,

I am alone,

Right now a deep independence,

Feels like home.

Waiting for a secret warming silence shared,

It’s a blackened shimmering sky to see,

Sat here just me.

A grain of sand a question,

Over years a vast beach gathered,

Could you sit and stare at the sky?

As we talked of existence and asked why.?.


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